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Effluent Systems

Numedic New Generation Effluent Pumps are commonly used on dairy farms, pig farms, quarries and any application that requires solids and/or slurries to be pumped.  The pumps can either be used in a fixed sump situation or a floating situation when mounted on a pontoon. The pumps are sized from 5.5kw through to 18kw.  Motor and pump sizes are determined by the distance and height the liquid is to be pumped. Numedic has a computer plotting system to do this to ensure the flow rates and velocities are correct.

Numedic Effluent Stirrers are multi-directional electrically powered stirrers for effluent mixing.  Shaft lengths can vary from1 metre to 2.4 metres in lenght and are designed for your particular application.  Stirrers with a 1.5kw motor are suitable for tanks up to 25000 litres or 5.5kw motor suitable for tanks up to 50000 litres.

Maxi Stirrers are also available with a 7.5kw motor suitable for large concrete tanks & ponds.

 All Numedic Effluent Pumps can be mounted on floating platforms for use in large ponds or sumps.

Pond Pontoons are available in 6,7 or 8 drum.  Boom lenghts are 6.5m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 18m or manufactured to suit installation.  The boom is attached to a bracket and an onshore pipe which is concreted into the ground on the side of the pond. The floating platform can pivot at this pipe and can be simply pulled to the bank for pump/stirrer servicing.  The effluent is pumped through the boom to the main line.  There is room on the Numedic Floating Platform for effluent stirrers to be mounted if required. Hand rails and legs are optional extras.

Hydrants are available in 2 way. 3 way, 4 way, end of line and take off to drag hose.