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GEA Houle Effluent Separation System

The system includes the Slope Screen, Transfer Pump, Drain Dam Door and Level Switches.

The Slope Screen Separator removes all particles greater than 1mm.

A Houle Transfer Pump feeds well mixed effluent to the Slope Screen.  The pump has impeller knives to help break up fibrous material as it is drawn into the inlet and also includes the agitation nozzle that can be directed at any stubborn solid build up in the reception pit.

The Houle Drain Dam Door uses a winch system that allows the steel partitions to be lifted letting liquid drain into the reception pit leaving the sediment in the stone trap for removal.

There are three Diaphragm Level Switches which control the pump. Unlike a float switch these don't jam with solid build-up in the reception pit.  With no moving parts they are robust and reliable. We recommend three switches, one for pump on, one for pump off and one at an alarm (high) level should there be any failure.